The spinning globe,

forms a gentle breeze


With no sound

As the wind

The wind that caresses the sea,

Forming vibrations

These vibrations,

Create dancing waves,

And like a drummers snare,

Striking pebbles that rest on the sea floor,

These vibrations

Form an internal connection,

A connection that gives birth from a pebble to a single grain,

So small and inconsivigent,

This sand rests on others like he’s,

Rapidly growing past the dancing waves,

They become land.

These vibrations have formed land,

This land,

Is where my feet shall rest and Suns Ray’s


Plants reside

These vibrations

Is where cattles graze,

And lions prey.

I am an essence of transient sounds and connection,

A ripple of a wave the land must ride,

I am on board,

Yes I am on board,

Captain of this ship

My decisions take control

Guided by the changing winds and swept by thunderous roars

I have to adapt

These vibrations

These vibrations change

And I am subject to remain the same and adapt,

Yes I am subject to stand my ground and understand,

That these vibrations manifest a part of me,

For from this world I was birthed,

From two pebbles struck by tidal winds,

I am a grain of sand

Small and significant but surrounded by those like me,

We are foundation for people to walk,

And animals graze,

We are the land

Yes we are land

Formed by the vibrations of the earth,

The same earth that is infected by a voiceless sound,

Creates a polluted smoke

We are damaging ourselves,

The vibrations created a golden grain which was kissed by waves,

We are no longer the same,

For our natural state has turn grey,

And like an old guitar we are out of tune,

We have lost our connection with the winds and sun,

The raindrops have stopped cleansing but now sting,

We have lost out vibrations

We have lost our vibrations

But like the changing winds

The tides can change

And so can we,

Let’s remember the essence of ourselves,

That single gain,

The was gently pushed by a single breeze to form land,

And this land we where are governed to take care,

Only if we vibrate to the same melody as the winds and sun,

Stay in tune with the dancing waves,

These vibrations

These vibrations