We weren’t  stone masons
Black smiths
or iron maidens
But our skin was as dark as the coal that that we struck
Our Essenes was like a single diamond
We where kings
Kings and Queens of our own land
The wild beasts our subjects
And the lions our soldiers
Unified by our roots
I am Mashona
But my present surround have made me alien to who I am
I neglected my roots
Now my petaled mind does not know where I am from
Captivated through someone’s vision
Through a screen
I become less of a man
But another human
Wired in like the circuit to the web That i am trapped in

Who could imagine a King
Who could imagine a King

Who once ruled
Is now tamed like the animals who eat the scraps beneath his feet

I am now inferior
Seeking to confine my fears in her
But in this tainted world
The black skin strikes fear in her
Uttering words of venom


My skin that resembles the complexion of the African soil
Is now treated like feceses
Wiped away from memories
And flushed away to the depths of the sewers beneath us
We associate ourselves with the rats and litter

I am no Nigger
Or your Nigga

I am enslaved by the chains in my Brian
A padlocked heart
Sealed eyes

I want to be unchained

I am unchained

For I am a King
I am rare diamond
I am a lions paw

Like the soil that beds the earth
My skin shall not die
From this soil
Flowers grow
And petals emerge
Bringing colour to
This dark world

I am colour
I am free
I am unchained