‘When your eyes have been opened to the world we live in. Your initial reaction is to close them again.

But knowledge is power

And a powerful mind is a burdened mind,

Diagnosed with the depression of the scarred land we walk upon,

My mind has ignored its connection with the heart,

The heart which resides in the same body that my mind lives in,

Both are one of the same but conduct a different function,

Each torn by different intakes,

Their inner soul is stripped leaving the body empty and hollow,

And like an African drum, it’s voice echoes, reacting to the one who beats it.

Watch as its voice is controlled

those who spectate,

marvel at its hollow sound,

I have lost my voice,

My voice that belonged to my heart and mind is mute,

We have become voiceless, beaten drums,

Beaten to the same melody,

As we create the same riddim to an endless track,

We become normal,

Our normality builds a social constraint,

A trapped mind which is now lost and no longer free,

Controlled by status and filters

Our lives a screened,

And now we could only speak in 140 characters,

Where is our character,

Our identity is unknown,

unknown to ourselves,

For even in the mirror we are masked by painted smiles,

A fake world with hollow beings,

Of which I am a citizen,

Segmented into poor communities, profiles and religions,

We are torn scraps of paper forgetting we are one of the same,

I miss the me who once knew me,

For I was once a child seeking comfort in my mothers womb,

Bringing joy to a world as people watched me grow,

We shared food as she breathed life in me,

But birthed into this world I started to suffocate,

Taking in the the pollution that was feed to me,

My heart and mind is not lost,

But shrouded by the thick smoke within me,

I need to be cleansed,

I need to connect with those who think like me,

For only them will our our hearts beat to a melody different to an empty drum,

Let create a new sound that echoes into people’s minds,

A sound that makes humming birds dance and robins sing,

Our voices would breath life into this polluted world,

And we shall breath

I hope

We shall breath

I promise we shall breath